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Other companies we looked at were so far behind Corptax. They say ‘we’ll have that soon’ but Corptax is already doing it.

Paul Siergiej, Director of Tax Dish Network

As a small team, Corptax helps us respond to the constant changes in the tax world and achieve huge efficiencies.

Heidi Schaefer, Manager - International Tax nVent

The other company’s software just didn’t meet our needs. We wanted one system for the whole tax lifecycle as opposed to constantly importing/exporting data to different silos.

Kristen Stewart, Senior Tax Manager Kaman Corporation

Corptax is so easy to use and it just works. That’s the best way to describe it–it just works.

Brandon April, Director of Global Tax Reporting and Audit Grainger

Relying on the software to crunch numbers gives us more time to find tax credits and other cost savings to benefit the company.

Mike Foust, Tax Analyst Menasha Corporation

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