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Live 4/5, 1pm CDT

ACT/Corptax Present…

Embracing Change—GE Appliances Shares Bringing Tax In-house

GE Appliances Sr. Tax Manager discusses her team’s experience implementing and learning Corptax from the ground up, the benefits of data ownership, and the ways Corptax experts made it seamless. Click for webinar agenda and to register.


On Demand

EU Adopts Pillar Two!

Impact on Your Organization and Steps to Take Now

Learn the nuts and bolts of Pillar Two: requirements, timetables, best practices for sourcing, organizing, and sharing data for calcs and planning, and how to determine its impact on your organization. Click for the webinar agenda and to register.

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ACT/Corptax Tax Tech Huddle

Reactive to Proactive: Analytics Use Cases, GMT and State

Inspiration meets education as we demo four analytics use cases using Corptax data with Alteryx, Power BI, Power Query, and Excel. Measure potential impacts of GMT, visualize state results, and more. Click to view agenda and register.

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Tax/Tech Huddle

4 Scenarios to Spark an Analytics Firestorm

Education meets inspiration in this hour of analytics use cases covering the tax lifecycle. Sharpen skills in Alteryx, Power BI, Power Query, and more. See ways to connect data to BI programs and use “data at a glance” dashboards. Click for details.

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ACT and CSC Corptax

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Tax—Key Points to Consider

Get the facts around outsourcing, co-sourcing, insourcing, and loan-staffing—and learn key reasons to keep data in-house, whichever path you take.

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CSC Corptax® ODBC

What Is ODBC and How Does It Accelerate Analytics?

Gain a full understanding of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and its many uses. We cover accessing data sources, tables, queries, and reports in real time, analyzing and reporting on workflow status, adjustments, and E&P, and how it helps you build analytics, visualize data, and refresh charts and dashboards in a click.

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CSC Corptax® International Compliance

File in a Fraction of the Time

International compliance filers—see how peers achieve success automating the process. We will demo source data import and form production, tying data dependencies across processes, managing amended returns and audits, populating forms and schedules, flowing data to federal and state returns, and more. Click for detailed agenda.

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CSC Corptax® Pass-Though

Streamline Pass-through Processes, plus New K-2/K-3 Schedules

If you manage federal/state pass-through for partnerships, LLCs, and S-Corps—or need to prepare for K-2/K-3 schedule changes—this webinar is for you! See how automation streamlines numerous processes and get tips to prepare NOW for new regulations. Click for detailed agenda.

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Client Insights Webinar- Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries Meets Changing Priorities with Tax Technology

Interstate Batteries income tax manager, ACT, and CSC Corptax® share an in-depth tour of Interstate Batteries tax lifecycle transformation. Learn how they traded manual process for automation to dramatically improve provision and compliance (with an emphasis on state), data analytics, response to tax law changes, and more. Click for a detailed agenda.

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Client Insights Webinar - Walgreens

Walgreens Tax Groups Innovate to Speak the Same Language

Walgreens tax technology manager, ACT, and CSC Corptax® conduct an in-depth tour of the Walgreens tax department’s modernization initiative. Learn the benefits of a centralized single source of truth; automated data import, access, and sharing; how analytics support company leadership, and more. Click for a detailed agenda.

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CSC Corptax® Provision

Automate Provision to Empower Smart Planning

Manually-driven provision slowing you down? Watch how flexible provision automation helps tax professionals quickly respond to business and tax changes, shorten cycle times, gain insights to inform business planning, visualize and share data with fellow stakeholders, and much more. Click for detailed agenda.

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CSC Corptax® BEPS CbC

Simplify and Streamline the Process in a Single System

Easily meet country-by-country reporting requirements thanks to powerful automation in a single system. Learn how to identify, collect, store, validate, and analyze data all within Corptax—and benefit from a flexible reporting structure to review data from a consolidated level down to a detailed transactional level. Click for full agenda.

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CSC Corptax® Entity Management

Transform Entity Management with Consistency and Control

Easily collect, store, sort, analyze, and report on up-to-the-minute entity data—including legal entities, ownership, org charts, and entity groups—in one system. Track deliverables and obligations, plan for transactions, analyze and share data, and manage multiple reporting structures based on conventional and custom attributes.

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Bridge Gaps with Game-Changing Technology

Get started with tax technology using these steps

Today’s tax climate demands technology’s help, but how to begin? We’ll walk you through identifying your technology gaps and how to solve them, from sourcing, storing, accessing, and sharing data to planning and reporting. Learn how your peers made the leap!

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Fuel Efficiency with Powerful Entity Management

NextEra Energy demonstrates single-system benefits

From gathering and consuming data for reporting to sharing intelligence with the C-suite, learn the benefits of instant access to well-structured data stored in one place. NextEra Energy demonstrates how technology-based entity management empowers them to sustain and repeat one version of the truth throughout the tax lifecycle.

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CSC Corptax® – ACT Webinar

Technology Breakthroughs Tax Teams Use In Today’s Climate

With calculations and reporting growing more complex by the week, and with further changes around the corner, learn why now is the right time for a dedicated tax database to streamline the tax lifecycle with a single source of the truth, automation, instant data access and sharing, analytics support, and more.

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CSC Corptax® International/Domestic Compliance

Mastering International-to-State Compliance

Join international and domestic compliance thought leaders as we look at common challenges that start in source data and impact calculations throughout the process. We’ll cover: preparing 5471 and related schedules; tracking PTEP; the GILTI Inclusion/Deduction, FDII Deduction, Foreign Tax Credit; how TCJA and CARES Act impact state returns, and more. Click for full agenda.

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Automation Advancements to Apply Right Now

Learn how automation cuts repetitive work and processing time

Join ACT, CSC Corptax®, and nVent’s International Tax and Technology Manager as they demonstrate system automation to accelerate direct tax processing, import trial balance data, use data for analytics, and more. Click for webinar agenda.

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CSC Corptax® International Compliance

Automate data in a single system to accelerate the process

Join us as we demonstrate how CSC Corptax helps you compute current foreign E&P and track historical E&P by pool/PTEP type, compute GILTI and related calcs, compute FDII and related calcs, automatically compute FTC limitation for foreign income baskets, automatically populate forms and schedules, and more. Click for webinar agenda.

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CSC Corptax® Provision

5 Essential Technology Assists for Analysts to Directors

Learn how structuring, organizing, and storing information in a global database ensures a single source of the truth to help you manage and control data provided to taxing authorities. Know what’s driving rate changes and quickly adjust to support your tax position. Click for the webinar agenda.

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CSC Corptax® Compliance

Unrivalled Advantages for Data Preparers, Reviewers, and Analysts

Income tax preparers, learn how automation provides time back for high-value work. Reviewers and analysts, discover better ways to make data-based decisions. We’ll demo features exclusive to Corptax that streamline international-to-state compliance in one system. Click for webinar agenda.

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CSC Corptax® Data Management

See the Difference Well-Structured Data Makes

Learn the life-changing benefits of instant access to well-structured data stored in one place. From gathering and consuming data for reporting to sharing intelligence with the C-suite, see how smart data management empowers a better tax performance.

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CSC Corptax® for Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage from Provision through Return

Learn how Corptax streamlines federal-to-local provision, compliance, and planning and helps you meet separate and consolidated requirements for Life, Non-life, and Property & Casualty in accordance with NAIC standards.

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CSC Corptax® Provision Automation

4 Ways to Win Back Time

Learn where provision automation makes the most sense, from supercharging data import and adjustments, to instant true-up, to addback and federal benefit of state, to annual/YTD rate reconciliations. Click for all the demo details.

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CSC Corptax® Compliance

Satisfy ALL Compliance Obligations in the Same System

Learn how state, federal, and international preparers save time by working simultaneously to leverage data imported just once for all compliance work—without switching systems or recreating work. Automate state and federal calculations, adjustments, estimates, apportionment, and reporting—and create unlimited unitary state groupings.

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Client Insights - Kiewit Corp.

Kiewit Presents High-speed Provision and Pain-free RTP

2017 Tax Transformer winner, Kiewit Corp., demonstrates how Tax and Accounting streamline provision, RTP, and reporting for international, federal, state, and partnership returns using the same system and sharing proven data among all stakeholders.

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CSC Corptax® Office

How Intelligent Automation Strengthens Data Analytics

Experience CSC Corptax® Office automation advancements. Automate data collection from any source; instantly access what’s needed for Finance and Accounting; slice, dice, and flow data to/from trusted workpapers at a button touch; pull data using your pre-defined attributes and instantly populate tables.

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Conquering Change

How Technology Accelerates Tax Reform

Live demo of calcs to model tax reform changes, including Transition Tax, GILTI, and FDII; provision calcs to track deferreds and forecast GILTI, FDII, and BEAT; planning for insurance and partnership changes, managing entities for TCJA, plus much more.

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CSC Corptax® Provision

Automate for Time Back to Analyze

Fast-track data import, reconciliation, adjustments, and RTP. Know sources with one-click access to audit trails. Get time back for analytics and planning and explore tools for tax reform.

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CSC Corptax® Single Solution

One Platform for the Totality of Tax

Need time back to analyze data? Only a single system lets you get, use, and understand data for all processes in one place. See live demos of tax reform tools, data import, built-in calculations, robotic automation, and more.

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CSC Corptax® Single Solution

Tomorrow's Tax Automation Today

View live demonstrations of new automation, including robotics processing and advancements in data-sharing and import/export functionality. Use data already in Corptax to drive downstream processes and improve analytics, reviews, and planning.

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