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Corptax® Single Solution

One Platform for the Totality of Tax

Need time back to analyze data? Only a single system lets you get, use, and understand data for all processes in one place. See live demos of tax reform tools, data import, built-in calculations, robotic automation, and more.


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Corptax® Single Solution

Tomorrow's Tax Automation Today

View live demonstrations of new automation, including robotics processing and advancements in data-sharing and import/export functionality. Use data already in Corptax to drive downstream processes and improve analytics, reviews, and planning.

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Upping the Ante

Managing Provision to Meet Current and Future Demands

Understand why now is the time to move beyond manual calculations, how to gain major efficiencies and enhancements, and how to leverage current processes while preparing for future challenges.

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Beyond Spreadsheets

Unlock the Power of Your Tax Data

In the era of big data, see how tax departments are mining tax data in powerful new ways to add more value to the organization.

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Navigating BEPS Compliance

Best Practices Gained by Helping MNEs Prepare

Understand important issues fellow multinational organizations are facing and learn best practices to prepare for BEPS CbC reporting.

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Client Insights - Ingersoll Rand

Transforming International Compliance

Learn how Ingersoll Rand streamlines international compliance with Corptax. See how they automate earnings and profits, Subpart F and the Foreign Tax Credit, gain efficiencies around foreign sourcing and look-through, and more.

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Corptax® Calendar

Track Deadlines for All Global Entities

See how CSC Corptax® Calendar leverages the Corptax database to help you easily schedule, track and manage time-sensitive obligations, including due dates, tasks, payments and refunds, for all company entities.

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Corptax® Single Solution

Discover the Difference a Single Solution Makes

Watch an overview of the industry’s only single-database tax solution—covering domestic and international compliance and provision. Learn why uniting processes, workflows, and documents in one system provides unparalleled efficiencies, speed, and accuracy.

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Corptax® Pass-Through

Automate Processes for Partnerships, LLCs, and S-Corps

See how CSC Corptax Pass-through eliminates manual processes and multiple systems. We cover posting multiple tiered entities, allocating flow-through apportionment factors, effective ratios on ownership transfers, and more.

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Client Insights - CNO Financial Group

Insurance-specific Tax Solutions

See how CNO uses insurance-specific workpapers to reduce provision spreadsheets, automate tax adjustments and GAAP to STAT adjustments, align return to provision, and improve state-by-state tasks. Also, learn how they strengthen internal controls.

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Corptax® BEPS CbC

Streamline BEPS Reporting (non-Corptax Users)

Explore a solution designed to help MNCs build a sustainable process to identify, collect, store, and analyze data needed for accurate filing. We cover data collection and consistency, transfer pricing analysis, and more.

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Corptax® BEPS CbC

Prepare for BEPS Global Compliance (Corptax Users)

Build a sustainable process to identify, collect, store, validate, and analyze information for Country-by-Country reporting using data already in the system. Assess risk drivers, model transfer pricing positions, and more.

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Corptax® Entity Management

Centralize and Control all Entities

Maintain legal entities for fast, easy company roll-ups with organization views. Call up macro-to-micro views of sortable entity data for planning scenarios. Always have up-to-date info ready for accurate filing.

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Corptax® Compliance

Fast, Accurate Reporting

See how to share data from multiple sources across federal, state, and international compliance, automate workflows, track changes with complete audit trails, and streamline reviews.

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Corptax® International Compliance

Streamline and Simplify the Process

Automatically calculate and maintain foreign entity data, including Subpart F Income, Foreign Tax Credit, IRS Form Preparation, Historical E&P, and Tax Pool Data.

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Corptax® Provision

Five Ways to Improve the Process

Reduce data entry, eliminate manual errors, and get instant return-to-provision. Save time and boost accuracy with standardized reporting, automated calculations, optimized workflows, and added transparency to improve analysis.

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Corptax® Partnership Compliance

Simplify the Process

Streamline Pass-Through work. We’ll show you Owner setup, Transfer of Owner Interests, automation for Schedule K amounts and state apportionment factors, advanced partnership allocations, and more.

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Client Insights - Nationwide

Solutions Tailored to Insurance

Nationwide covers using a single database and standardized, insurance-specific workpapers and calcs for automated tax adjustments and seamless return to accrual—cutting 2 weeks from provision and 3 months from consolidated return prep.

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Corptax® Data Management

Corptax Office, Data Exchange, and Data Collect

See three great solutions: Connect Corptax and Excel with two-way dataflow. Automate data import from source systems in real-time without delays. Collect and review data with a web-based tool—no need to consolidate spreadsheets.

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Corptax® Single Solution

Transform the Tax Lifecycle

See the market’s only entity-driven, single-database software solution in action. House, process, and repurpose data with ease to maximize accuracy, minimize risk, and better manage information, workflows, processes, and projects.

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Client Insights - Acme Brick

Corptax Office Helps Auto-Populate Returns

See how Acme Brick automates dataflow between Excel and Corptax with one button touch, leverages existing calcs and workbooks, and pushes data from systems and Corptax to populate returns—cutting time and risk.

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Corptax® Calendar

Set It and Never Forget It!

Schedule and track complex obligations for all entities with one-time data entry. Automatically calculate due dates for countries, cities, and localities. Save time with pre-populated dates for fiscal/calendar year filings.

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Provision Strategies from Tax Pros

Secrets of World-Class Tax Departments

Industry experts show you how to get Finance and Tax on the same page to improve forecasting with better data. See how to reduce reconciliations to gain time for analysis, and increase visibility to accelerate workflows/processes.

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Tax Technology Strategy

How Technology Transforms the Tax Continuum

Industry experts discuss how looking at financial systems, workflow management, document management, consolidation systems, and technology stategically can help you furnish reporting deliverables in less time, with less risk.

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