Corptax Tax Transformation Suite

A Solution for Every Scenario

The CSC Corptax® single system’s unique architecture and powerful calculation engine give Tax a common user experience plus speed and accuracy from provision through return. You’ll get immediate value from basic functions to integrate collected data and workpapers, drill down to source data, and access real-time information from anywhere.

Additionally, we’ve developed a suite of automation-based solutions to make it faster and easier to collect, manage, use, and share your data.

The Way Forward...

Transforming your tax function starts and ends with Corptax. Tell us what you’d like to do and we’ll help you find the right solution to remove “work” from your workflows.

  • Integrate data housed in spreadsheets and other sources using Corptax Office, Data Exchange Manager, and Web Services 
  • Leverage automated adjustments and advanced queries with Corptax Office, Entity Management, and BOTS to eliminate manual input and maintain data integrity
  • Use data for reporting, planning, and analytics within Corptax—and connect Corptax data directly with business intelligence applications
  • Then, step back, find your bottlenecks and manual steps, and automate them with Corptax BOTS, Advanced Queries, Cart Manager, and Data Exchange Manager

Corptax software manages data at all levels and seamlessly connects with other applications to accommodate multiple aspects of all reporting needs.

Plus, the ability to automate simple-to-complex tasks using the latest information provides the time and trusted data you need to fully analyze and review.

Clients on Corptax

Automating dataflow between three financial/tax systems via Corptax Office means less data entry, review time and frustration, and more time to assess tax positions and savings opportunities for the company. Plus, reviewing data on a consolidated rather than individual basis saves even more time.

Hamadi Bengabsia, VP of Process & Tax Technology CBS

We use Corptax BOTS and Data Exchange to import trial balances from our ledger system, post automated adjustment batches, batch process provision reports, and print provision reports!

Denise Vincent Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

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