Drive huge efficiencies using common data for all processes

As the tax world globalizes and digitizes, keep pace with CSC Corptax®. Our single-system technology structures and centralizes your tax data, making it easy to see, access, use, and secure. Import-to-report automation streamlines provision, compliance, and planning, and full visibility to data ensures crucial data governance.

Plus, the ability to derive full value from your tax data helps you drive cost-savings opportunities for the company.

As a long-time client says, “using one database gives us total transparency and direct access to all data for reporting, analyzing, planning, and sharing throughout the business” and “a single source of truth for everything.”

  • Get time back by re-using common data such as entities, adjustments, and more for multiple tax functions, geographies, and company departments
  • Import data consistently across entities—from CFCs to corporations to partnerships
  • Work concurrently from anywhere to meet deadlines with ease

Consolidate, automate, analyze

Automate how you get, manage, and use tax data

User-friendly automation ensures you efficiently and accurately collect, calculate, analyze, and report on real-time data. Our customers appreciate the ability to “finish provision and be 90% done with compliance” which “saves time, improves morale, and lets us take on higher-profile projects.”

Supercharge efficiencies as you automate and reuse calculations for international-to-state planning and reporting and automatically populate all forms in one place (changes automatically update!)

A sustainable, scalable solution eliminates manual work, workarounds, and risks incurred with multiple systems.

  • Calculate and automate dataflow to federal, international, and state returns
  • Track ownership and equity to automate data from international calculations to federal and state output
  • Leverage core compliance data and international calculations for data dependencies across provision and state reporting

Full visibility and real-time analytics

Experience total transparency and instant access. Structure multi-year data by entities, accounts, and adjustments. Drill down on adjustments, balances, and results for complete audit trails—and easily locate data for reviews, audits, and reconciliations, even years later. You’ll be ready to validate data as regulators use technology to evaluate global reporting.

Align with company initiatives. Single-system efficiencies give you time back to focus on analytics, hypotheticals, and trends. Use our open database connectivity (ODBC) driver for real-time connections to programs such as Alteryx and Tableau, helping you share insights through data visualization and dashboards.

Eliminate rework and bottlenecks with business rules. Use the system to automate tasks with rules. Leverage those rules from one phase of your tax lifecycle to the next—and store them to use again across calculations, processes, and planning tasks.

A client who leverages provision data for their return says it best: “We complete 90% of our RTP without manual intervention in 75% less time.”

The bottom line?

Add TSIA award-winning support, consulting services, and training to the mix, and you’re looking at a breakthrough tax performance.

As a veteran customer says, “Automating dataflow between financial and tax systems means less data entry, review time, and frustration, and more time to assess tax positions and savings opportunities for the company.”

Currently outsourcing? Bring tax work in-house with technology. Gain control, speed, and efficiency—plus instant access to data for analytics and planning. Read the eBook to build your case for the in-house tax function.

Clients on Corptax

A single solution automates our trial balance upload and quarterly provision updates, avoids Excel linking nightmares, and enables us to complete RTP in a day instead of a week.

Mei Chan, Vice President New York Life Insurance Company

For us, Corptax is a powerful tax warehouse that automates adjustments, tracks deferred, and calculates taxable income for the provision. We then reuse that information to accelerate compliance.

Anne Wang, International Tax Manager Smithfield Foods

With the Corptax Single System, work that took 6 people plus consultants to complete now takes 4 people and no consultants. The reduction in cost and risk helps everyone sleep easier.

James Dippolito, Tax Manager DP DHL

We wanted one system for the whole tax lifecycle as opposed to constantly importing/exporting data to different silos.

Senior Tax Manager Kaman Corporation

We like the “one data warehouse” concept. We leverage data for analytics, different scenarios and reports.

Senior Tax Manager Kaman Corporation

With Corptax Compliance and Provision in place, we satisfied a complex external audit in 14 vs. 45 days with a reduced staff. Instead of the proposed amount owed, Corptax helped us furnish the reports and detail that led to a large refund.

Tax Planning Manager and Tax Transformer Major Manufacturer

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