Corptax Provision

Achieve a Zero-Day Close

Called a “morale booster” and “game-changer for our department,” CSC Corptax® Provision automates data collection, calculations, reconciliations, adjustments, and more—giving you accurate results in a fraction of the time it takes in Excel® and other systems. Satisfied users share successes like, “we turn around the provision for 22 divisions in 2 days vs. 4 weeks,” and “we now have time to focus on reviews, analytics, and planning.”

Hear 2018 Tax Transformer winner New York Life on making management happy, morale higher, and manual work history.

Meet Changing Demands

Web-based and scalable, Corptax Provision gives you the time, tools, and trusted data you need to meet growing provision demands, while ensuring optimum cash savings for your company.

  • Streamline workflows, understand data, generate reporting, and populate schedules—all in one system
  • Be confident in results with one-click audit trails and the ability to spot anomalies and trends quickly
  • Easily report on any jurisdiction at any level of detail for any point in time
  • See and grasp detail driving the ETR for multiple periods

Why lose time to manual work and sluggish systems? Take the lead from tax professionals who’ve “moved from a manual and complicated Excel-based process to an efficient data center that saves hundreds of hours a year.”

Global and Domestic Provision for GAAP and IFRS Reporting

  • State Detail / Blended
  • FIN 18 / Interim Reporting
  • APB23 / Unremitted Earning
  • SSAP No. 101

Also Available:

  • FIN48 / Tax Contingency
  • IFRS
  • FERC

Clients on Corptax Provision

Corptax lets us organize tax-sensitive accounts to easily track changes year-to-year and properly deliver meaningful provision reports to management and auditors.

Zehra Toor, Senior Tax Analyst L'Oréal

With Corptax Provision, we can work anywhere at any time. Our group is happier and more productive – resulting in a better work-life balance.

Tax Director FLSmidth, Inc.

Corptax Provision saved us just shy of $2 million over 7 years in outsourcing fees. Plus, we get the provision out in 5 days and no one works more than 40 hours a week.

Manager of Tax Planning & Analysis SSAB

Better provision processes help engage foreign tax controllers, resulting in improved communication and trusted data. We now have time to focus on review and analysis.

Misty D'Amico, Global Tax Manager Fairchild Semiconductor

With Corptax Compliance and Provision in place, we satisfied a complex external audit in 14 vs. 45 days with a reduced staff. Instead of the proposed amount owed, Corptax helped us furnish the reports and detail that led to a large refund.

Tax Planning Manager and Tax Transformer Major Manufacturer

Our spreadsheets are good, but they just contemplate our current situation. You can see the forward-thinking built into Corptax Provision for scenarios we don’t currently face…we’ve just embraced the technology.

Tom Staskowski Ambac Financial Group

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