Accelerate Global Compliance in a Single System

When it’s time to prepare your international tax return, “why”—asks one client—“recreate the wheel?” Instead, use CSC Corptax® International Compliance to streamline processes and preserve accuracy by leveraging trusted data stored in the system.

Called “the top-notch software on the market to handle complicated international tax matters,” numerous automated calculations help you process and analyze detailed or summary results in minutes and explore ‘what if’ scenarios to inform decisions.

Manage Foreign Entities Flawlessly

Paying a third-party provider to produce your global return? Take back your process like this customer did, saying, “In our first year with Corptax, we fully implemented International Compliance and stopped outsourcing.”

Corptax International Compliance automates and supports IRS Forms 5471, 1118, 8858, 8865, and more, with calculations including, but not limited to:

  • Foreign Earnings & Profits adjustments
  • Look-through computations
  • Subpart F Income
  • Historical E&P
  • Income sourcing and expense apportionment
  • Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) limitation
  • Branch remittance

Local-to-Global Compliance Solutions

Direct Income Tax

Indirect Tax

  • Sales and Use
  • Food and Beverage module

Indirect Income Tax

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Corptax International is a database-driven solution with historical data that provides consistent results. No need to store multiple file versions in Excel and on network share drives.

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