Accelerate International Compliance in a Single System

Take charge of reporting on global business activities with the tax solution called “the topnotch software on the market for complicated international tax matters”—CSC Corptax® International Compliance.

Streamline your process with easy access to data across borders and the ability to cover all U.S. requirements with flexible, scalable reporting. Ensure accuracy and reduce workloads on staff with time-saving calculations built into the software:

  • Foreign Earnings & Profits adjustments
  • Look-through computations
  • Subpart F Income
  • Historical E&P
  • Income sourcing and expense apportionment
  • Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) limitation
  • Branch remittance

Corptax also lets you analyze detailed or summary results in seconds and populate forms automatically.

New! Know how the Global Minimum Tax (GMT) could impact your business. The Corptax GMT tool gives you the connections, calcs, analytics, and reporting you need! Learn more.

Our international tax experts break down Pillar Two components and steps to take now—watch the webinar.

Get Ahead of Tax Reform

First to market with tax reform tools for computing, analyzing, planning, and reporting, Corptax helps clients make tax reform happen resulting in feedback like this: “Having data organized for our international filing and BEPS reporting gives us a solid base to model the impacts of tax reform.”

By leveraging existing amounts, calculations, and entity setups, Corptax users confidently compute GILTI, FDII, BEAT, and 965; model and save countless scenarios to quickly compare options; and forecast year-end provision. When international compliance data changes, federal forms update instantly.
With little manual effort, empower your team to:

  • Test GILTI income for all U.S. shareholders
  • Source income for new baskets—even with just one CFC
  • Identify attributes to determine deduction-eligible income
  • Track 951A inclusions for historical E&P
  • Segregate expenses paid within the U.S. vs. to foreign-related parties
  • Eliminate reconciliation between disparate systems

Learn how international compliance technology helps companies weigh opportunities and risks—and discover great tips to control calculations, forms, and schedules. It’s all in the ebook: Build Your Case for International Tax Technology.

Improve Global Planning, Analytics, and Reporting

Using the same database, collect, store, validate, and analyze data for BEPS reporting—Including amounts, entity information, and structures. Easily access the data you need at both a consolidated level and a detailed, transactional level for modeling, assessing risk, and populating forms.

Start planning for Global Minimum Tax impact. Source, organize, and share data inside/outside of Corptax to run analytics and generate reports. Learn more.

Clients on Corptax

Corptax is a big help in looking at our data at a high level for tax reform. With all of our data in the system, we find the best way to get the output we want.

Peter Wlasuk, Tax Analyst ITT

Corptax provided data for scenario-testing so we could actually give management reports on the impact of TCJA.

Mei Chan, Vice President New York Life Insurance Company

I couldn’t be happier with the path of tax reform changes we have to make knowing that we have Corptax as our tool to make them happen.

Corporate Tax Manager Westfield Insurance

Organizing data in Corptax for BEPS reporting lets us do a lot of tax reform modeling and realize significant time savings.

Director Tax Reporting & Technology

Corptax International is a database-driven solution with historical data that provides consistent results. No need to store multiple file versions in Excel and on network share drives.

Gulom Narmuratov Johnson & Johnson

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