Use Existing System Data to Streamline BEPS Reporting

Why start from square one when “the foundation for BEPS reporting is already in the system”? Clients also say they appreciate how CSC Corptax® BEPS CbC “speeds data gathering” and uses system data, such as entities and accounting profiles, stating, “we leverage on what we’ve done so we can get down to analyzing the data, which is what we want…what’s the world is going to see when we submit our country-by-country report?”

Model Scenarios Using Trusted Data

Information stored and managed at entity and jurisdictional levels lets you model hypothetical outcomes of transfer pricing policies to understand risk and facilitate planning. Plus, the ability to review both consolidated and transactional data improves analytics.

  • Maintain consistent data points for global constituents to easily enter, import, export, and access—all at the touch of a button
  • Automatically populate CbC reporting tables based on OECD Action Item 13, including entity information and required allocation of income, taxes, and business characteristics by jurisdiction
  • Organize and view tax data for reporting by ultimate parent, tax jurisdiction, or reporting region

Need a hand with BEPS planning and execution? Engage Corptax Professional Services for assistance.

BEPS CbC Filing Update: Corptax provides filing of Form 8975 in 2017 for optional 2016 tax year filing and in 2018 for mandated 2017 tax year filing.

Local-to-Global Compliance Solutions

Direct Income Tax

Indirect Income Tax

  • Sales and Use with Food and Beverage module
  • Property tax, in partnership with CSC Corptax affiliate, Tax Compliance Inc. (TCI)

Global Tax Reporting

  • BEPS CbC Compliance
  • Transfer Pricing

Client Cameo

The starting point and foundation for BEPS reporting is already in Corptax.

Manager of Tax Systems, Data Management, and Administration The Kraft Heinz Company

With data we need for BEPS ready and waiting in Corptax Compliance, our team didn’t have the pain of learning and using a separate system.

Brandon April, Director of Global Tax Reporting and Audit Grainger

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