Streamline BEPS CbC Reporting Using Data
in the System

Why start from square one when the foundation for BEPS CbC reporting is in Corptax? Compliance and transfer pricing teams appreciate using existing data to meet requirements and file consistently across US and global reporting.

Clients say they also value the power to “analyze data and know what the world will see in public CbC reporting.”

Chart your path for public disclosure of CbCR. Watch a 5-minute video on next steps, download a PDF, and talk it through with a Corptax tax technology expert.

Ensure an accurate reflection of your organization

The ability to review data at the transactional level helps you easily consolidate for downstream reporting.

  • Import, export, and access consistent domestic/foreign data at the touch of a button
  • Automatically populate the CbC report with entity information
  • Automatically aggregate Table/Part 1 amounts with system data, including revenue, profits, capital, and tangible assets
  • View data by entity, jurisdiction, and reporting region for analytics and planning

Planning for Global Minimum Tax reporting? Leverage CbC data for analytics to assess potential impact and risk, know safe harbor applicability, and more.

Generate analytics using real-time, refreshable data

Use Corptax BEPS CbC to generate analytics for current year, year-over-year, and multi-year comparisons with real-time connections to Corptax reports. Use information stored at entity and jurisdictional levels to model results of transfer pricing policies and understand risk.

The standard BEPS CbC Reporting Data Analytics template reviews CbC report by entity and visualizes current year summary, including:

  • Revenue by employee
  • PTBI over Taxes Paid/Accrued

Plus, build custom reports and analytics to meet your specific needs.

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Clients on Corptax

The starting point and foundation for BEPS reporting is already in Corptax.

Manager of Tax Systems, Data Management, and Administration The Kraft Heinz Company

With data we need for BEPS ready and waiting in Corptax Compliance, our team didn’t have the pain of learning and using a separate system.

Brandon April, Director of Global Tax Reporting and Audit Grainger

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