Corptax Compliance

File with Confidence and Control

If “a complete and accurate tax return prepared and ready for review in less than one day” sounds compelling, get to know CSC Corptax® Compliance.

Ever-evolving, Corptax Compliance lets you plan and file at a pace consistent with changing regulations. The entire spectrum of compliance work—from estimates, extensions, returns, and new IRS filings, to audits and RAR—lives in a single, secure system described as a “super easy one-step process that enables lightning speed and cross-functional data utilization.”

Finish Returns Faster in One System

Industry-best entity management ensures up-to-the-minute information for accurate reporting. A common database allows preparers to work simultaneously and reuse data for multiple purposes. And, included business process and workflow automation allows you to get, manage, and use data with little manual intervention—cutting risk and providing time back for reviews, analytics, collaboration, and planning.

Need to reflect international compliance transactions in federal and state reporting for tax reform? Not a problem for Corptax! Using single system architecture, easily store and access multiple years of data for numerous planning and analysis functions and to quickly meet the needs of taxing authorities and company stakeholders.

Use Corptax Compliance to:

  • Streamline data import from accounting systems and other sources to share across international, federal, state, and local calculations
  • Automate adjustments, apportionment factors, and state modifications to automatically flow to compliance reporting
  • Tax-sensitize financial data, consolidate by accounting standard, access content at any level from anywhere, day or night
  • Automate state and federal calculations and create unlimited unitary state groupings
  • View complete audit trails for all data in the system with a click
  • Track ownership and produce/update organizational charts in seconds

Learn how Corptax streamlines International Compliance and BEPS CbC reporting.

Local-to-Global Compliance Solutions

Direct Income Tax

OECD Compliance

  • BEPS CbC Reporting

Indirect Tax

  • Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Business License and Property Solutions

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