As taxing authorities digitize, as tax laws grow more complex, and as tax outcomes become publicly visible, the power to use data for analytics and planning allows Tax to drive immense value for the organization.

  • Predict tax impacts and understand rate drivers
  • Shape tax strategy as the company evolves
  • Align tax planning with enterprise initiatives
  • Uncover opportunity and mitigate risk

But how to deliver necessary insights when tax teams are already stretched thin? And how to keep up with the rapidly-shifting tax landscape? The answer lies in agile tax planning from Corptax.

Corptax: The Backbone of Agile Planning

At CSC Corptax®, we know tax planning looks different for every organization — and that good planning depends on understanding possibilities before they occur.

Corptax gives you the flexibility to examine data your way – you know your business best. Slice data right in Corptax to be prepared – no matter where the tax world goes or how your company grows.

Use data in Corptax to:

  • Visualize info to assess outcomes and manage risk
  • Make data-driven, real-time decisions
  • Respond internally and externally with speed and certainty
  • Always be audit-ready

Corptax data accessibility suite

Analytics and Planning, All Within Corptax

Direct outcomes of the Corptax single-system framework, these core benefits make analytics and planning simple, fast, and effective:

  • Configurability: Tailor an array of analytics all within Corptax. Test assumptions, run what-if scenarios, analyze trends, forecast — with included analytics or your own.
  • Data Integrity: Always work with real-time data and a single source of truth. Full transparency down to your sources ensures accuracy and completeness.
  • Accessibility: Instantly access more than 1,700 data sources, tables, and reports. Tap into past, present, and future data that’s structured and ready to use. Allow stakeholders to view data from anywhere and collaborate in real time.
  • Visibility: Isolate, merge, and compare data the way you want to see it — summary level, transactional level, and more. Dashboard results in multiple formats for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Scalability: Handle more requests, support more users, and respond faster – without added cost, system changes, or inconvenience.

Connect Corptax Data to Your Favorite Apps

Want the flexibility to use data outside of Corptax? The Data Accessibility Suite simplifies that, too. Choose from a variety of tools that directly connect data to third-party tools, databases, and analytics applications.

Alteryx—Corptax Partnership

Supercharge analytics and streamline workflows with a powerful partnership: Corptax and Alteryx. Experience new ways to automate processes, perform calculations, and transform data for modeling and planning.




Extract Value From Data with Corptax Experts

If you’re short on time or talent to ramp up analytics and planning, consult our expert advisors. We know the system better than anyone and quickly help you drive planning forward.

In addition to customized consultation services, we develop targeted tools, ready to use. Here’s a sample:

Ready to take your work to next level? Explore the Corptax Tax Transformation Suite.

Get Your Wheels Turning—Explore Real-world Wins

It can be challenging to perform analytics and planning in the midst of ever-growing requirements. But every day, our customers produce huge results – hear their stories below.

Hear from Our Customers

Corptax Office and POV pulls give us a fast, efficient process to analyze apportionment by state methodology and perform data-driven reviews for state returns.

Brea Fender, Intermediate Tax Accountant Transamerica

When management requests certain tax planning strategies, we use POV to develop entity-level, state-specific current and deferred state income tax schedules for analytical reporting.

Michelle Downs, Manager, Corporate Tax CNO Financial Group

With data in one system, it’s easy to extract what we need for analytics using Corptax Office, POV, and standard reports.

Heidi Schaefer, Manager, International Tax nVent

Corptax helps us break new ground by visualizing data in dashboards to support reviews and planning.

Amir Keshwani, Director of Tax Technology and Operations News Corp

We improve analytics using real-time Corptax data to build Tableau dashboards.

Emily Mauzy, Senior Manager Interstate Batteries

Corptax automation positively affects our business by putting data at our fingertips, so we can make informed decisions.

Ketan Patel, Executive Director Morgan Stanley

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