Stay on top of technology innovations that streamline the tax lifecycle and help tax teams add value.

Ebook: Build Your Case for Automating Provision

CSC Corptax® Provision lets you structure and centralize trusted data in single database. You’ll efficiently add, calculate, and update data with full audit trails. No more copying, pasting, and saving new files. You can store, reuse and access data at any level and immediately identify factors impacting all reporting data.

Ebook: Build Your Case for Tax Technology

Discover how tax technology closes gaps in tax processes and provides huge efficiencies that return time for high-value work. Learn how to reduce liability, cut rework, assist other departments, make strong decisions, and boost morale!

Ebook: Build Your Case for International Tax Technology

Learn how tax technology streamlines international compliance. Understand foreign and domestic data dependencies, obligations, calculations, and forms. Access and leverage all data required and work strategically with Finance and Accounting to weigh opportunities and risk.

Ebook: Build Your Case for World-Class Compliance

CSC Corptax® Compliance structures and centrally stores data at all levels of detail with transparency to the source. Users automate data to streamline workflows and update instantly, systematize calculations, account for data dependencies, and directly populate forms and schedules. Plus, achieve real-time analytics when modeling and forecasting.

Ebook: 8 Reasons To Keep Your Tax Data In-House

Keep your tax work in the best hands possible: yours! Cost-effective technology lets you control your data and maintain work-life balance. Automate data import, calculations, adjustments, workflows, and more. Instantly access data for analytics, planning, audit support, and sharing.

Ford Motor Company and Corptax Tackle a Significant Filing Methodology Issue

CSC Corptax® helped Ford change filing methodology for 300 CFCs while maintaining total security. Find out how Ford analyzed current and proposed filing methods; accessed and extracted data at the exact level of detail needed, and automated dataflow to and from Corptax—achieving success and saving approximately 300 hours.

Out Front with Tax Reform

From the TCJA Planning Template to provided calculations for BEAT, GILTI, FDII, Transition Tax and more, learn how access to up-to-the-minute, tax-sensitized data helps tax professionals manage entities and accounts, plan and forecast, and automate processes to better prepare for the impact of tax reform on reporting.

Improve Decision Making with Data Visualization

The ability to see trends and make correlations quickly depends on how fast data can be absorbed. Learn several ways CSC Corptax® enhances the ability to visualize real-time data in charts, graphs, tables, and maps to convey information at a glance.

Embracing Change— The Case for Technology in Today’s Tax Provision

To meet today’s demanding provision cycle, tax professionals need more control over collecting, processing, analyzing and sharing data. Learn how advances in automation and assuming new roles in the tax department ensure a stronger provision—and get insights from peers on challenges they’re overcoming.

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