Optimize data usage, streamline processes, update system skills

Keeping up in today’s tax world leaves little time to revamp processes or refine analytics. A Process Review and Optimization Check (PRO-Check) helps you fully leverage your data and the software you license.

In as little as half a day—done entirely remotely—CSC Corptax® tax experts examine what you want to optimize and hand you the steps. Apply them yourself or with our help. It’s a fast, easy way to use your system data to complete advantage, streamline work, and get time back for other pressing matters.


Who should request a PRO-Check?


Looking to revamp a business process due to company or regulatory changes? Want to drive maximum productivity from software and data you own? Require deeper insights based on real-time data-driven reviews?

Request a PRO-Check if you need to:

  • Adjust to business changes—mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructures
  • Overhaul a business or tax process
  • Adopt automation and review new features to maximize your data’s value
  • Start or improve the path to visualize analytics using real-time data and “push-of-a-button” functionality
  • Refresh Corptax skills or help new users

A great value: maximum efficiency at minimal cost

PRO-Checks cover single workflows to complete processes—you make the call. From provision and compliance to partnership and international, we look at how you work outside and inside the system. Then, we deliver a report detailing how to better get, manage, and use your data with your existing solutions.

  • Manually manipulating source files and adjustments? Automate your import and watch time-savings add up.
  • Entities correct and current? Customize attributes to sync with company systems.
  • Analytics lacking? Use CSC Corptax® Office POV to help you visualize data in dashboards to analyze multiple ways.
  • Bogged down with extraneous data? We’ll help you banish it.

Work at peak efficiency, accomplish high-level work, benefit from ongoing software enhancements, and get even more value from data you manage in Corptax.

Contact your CSC Corptax Account Manager to discuss a PRO-Check, today.

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