Be in Demand as a CSC Corptax Certified Professional

Raise your standing in the corporate tax community. Achieve the level of CSC Corptax® Certified Professional by certifying the skills you use every day.

Why Get Certified?

Join an exclusive community of professionals who’ve proven their value on the job and in the marketplace. Share your credentials on and gain approval to use the Corptax Certified logo on business cards and in email signatures.

  • Be recognized for your accomplishments as a master Corptax user
  • Use the full potential of Corptax with your best-in-class skills
  • Grow your career by setting yourself apart from the crowd

Become Certified in Three Easy Steps


1. Click to choose your Certification Category

2. Prepare

Plan for the exam and ensure your success:

  • Become a Continuous Education Subscriber (CES) to acquire the knowledge you need for certification
Please note: We recommend two years of on-the-job Corptax experience which may suffice to take the exam without added training.

3. Get Certified!

Register for the certification category of your choice and take the exam. Tests include a knowledge assessment and case study analysis to validate your skills.

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