CSC Corptax® and customers share an important goal: a successful corporate filing season. As the tax technology provider to a strong community, providing process automation, accuracy, and peace of mind is one important aspect of the relationship. Also essential—especially in volatile times—is the ongoing education, peer connection, and 24/7 support that continuously guides customers through the rigors of filing.

Advance Preparation Streamlines the Process
With Tax more unsettled than it has been in decades, completing TY 2019 puts tax teams to the test. To prepare clients months in advance, the Corptax Community came together for a virtual, two-day educational program: The Corptax Compliance Series: Harness 2020 Automation for TY2019 Filings.

More than 1,100 clients participated in 17 live sessions highlighting data management and analysis, international calculations, equity ownership, and e-filing. Tracy Kautzman, Senior Manager of Tax at Allegheny Technologies Inc., added, “When Corptax training sessions feature ‘Tips’ or ‘Best Practices’, make time to watch! Even after using Corptax 15 years, we made a small tweak to federal compliance learned in Automation Tips for Federal and State Filing, and we expect incremental time-savings with next year’s return preparation.”

Earning a combined 2,419 CPE credits, attendees embraced the opportunity to apply new automation capabilities throughout filing preparation. Lloyd Howlett, CSC Corptax VP of Customer Operations, shared, “Customer feedback and response to polling questions and surveys validated the merit and timeliness of the training series. These insights allow us to continuously improve solutions and services to streamline processes and help clients achieve their goals.”

The Corptax Community frequently references the event’s curriculum over time. Clients revisit content on demand, download supporting documentation, and share relevant sessions with team members, so everyone is equally prepared.

CSC Connections Portal: More Ways to Get Help
With a tougher-than-ever compliance season taking shape, the Corptax Community relies on the CSC Connections support site to stay informed and ahead of the curve. From self-help, to guided instruction, to in-depth product training, customers access a full spectrum of resources. A 24/7 knowledge base provides fast resolutions through a comprehensive repository of articles from CSC Corptax experts and peers. Live and on-demand webcasts elevate relevant and trending topics. To help customers maintain productivity in the moment, a “help button” in every product window offers immediate step-by-step directions and how-to videos. When personal assistance is needed, seasoned support advocates provide timely guidance and follow-up documentation after every call.

Peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing is also vital to the community. Clients collaborate in customer forums based on similar industries, geographies, and tax processes. In fact, customers say some of the best insights come from networking with fellow tax professionals experiencing comparable business challenges.

To maintain high-level practices and employee knowledge, CSC Corptax Support advocates participate in a rigorous annual development and evaluation program by the Technology Services Industry Association. A 98% customer satisfaction rating and 11 consecutive annual awards for Support Staff Excellence demonstrate their tenacious customer commitment.

Prioritizing Client Success
Solid partnerships create the best opportunities for success. Helping customers meet business objectives is goal one and never off the radar. The CSC Corptax Compliance Series event earned a 5.2 engagement score (industry standard is 3.5), confirming that clients value the opportunity to learn and adopt new functionality before filing.

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