MTD Products sits down with CSC Corptax for a Tax Q&A
Nicole Florio, Tax Director, MTD Products

Nicole Florio, Tax Director, MTD Products joins CSC Corptax® Account Manager Kitty Gio for a short Q&A. A Corptax client since 2014, Nicole shares a few key tax insights.

What were you looking for in tax technology?

Our former vendor’s process required us to learn and use disparate systems, so our main focus was to do all federal and state work from provision through compliance in one system. We wanted everything to flow in one platform.

What’s the biggest advantage using Corptax Provision?

Automatic return to provision—we love all our data available in one database. We have the advantage of sharing tax adjustments between compliance and provision for instant true-up results. Once we close the books at year-end, most of the tax adjustments are ready for the federal return, so we get a big head start on compliance season.

What’s your biggest compliance advantage?

The time we saved on federal compliance allowed us to better address our state compliance process. Preparing state apportionment takes us half the time it used to. We use Corptax Office to push and pull our own Excel apportionment templates to and from Corptax in a click – and without changing the tax source.

We now track estimated quarterly payments and fill in the data as we go, making year-end a push of a button. It was that easy even during our first-year set-up – a wonderful surprise.

How would you describe your customer support experience?

Support was a huge help with implementation—it went smoothly and we learned as we moved forward. When I have a question, the support team is very timely responding. They guide me through an issue so I understand and learn for myself. We like speaking live with people and getting personal assistance. Our support person regularly checks in and shares great tips and tricks.

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Founded in 1932, MTD Products Inc is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment. Through facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, they produce mowers, snow throwers, garden equipment, and more for residential and commercial markets.

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