Steve Kelliher
Steve Kelliher, CSC Corptax®
International Content Design Manager

How did you get into corporate tax technology?

I’ve been interested in taxes since my early college days and worked on tax compliance through various college internships. At one internship, I became acquainted with Corptax and really enjoyed using the software. At that time, I thought, “Oh, rather than doing all the individual returns for one company, I’m most interested in delivering more value and having a greater impact.” So, I started working on the product that makes filling out all these returns easier. That’s how I became interested in the software aspect of the business and that’s why I came to CSC Corptax®. I’ve remained here for over 20 years.

What’s kept you at CSC Corptax so long?

The people here have a sense of ownership and take pride in their work. I feel valued in working here—the competitive compensation, the sense of being part of a team, the ability to work on things I want to work on. My managers are flexible and allow me to think for myself. I’m not restricted to the work that’s assigned to me; I can think about what needs to be done and point out areas they may not have considered. This often leads to important enhancements for customers, gives me the opportunity to explore new areas, and shows that CSC Corptax is invested in me and my development.

What do you like best about your job?

Employees across departments ask me for help every day. This shows that they value my input and what I have to share with them. My job is exciting because every day is different. I enjoy being challenged, solving problems for our customers, and always doing something new.

Are you involved with any philanthropic organizations?

Yes, I’ve been volunteering with Ladder Up, a volunteer income tax assistance (VITA) group that helps prepare tax returns for the working poor in the Chicago area. I became involved with them through a co-worker in 2003, and started as a volunteer tax preparer. Now I’m a site leader, coordinating the volunteers and training sessions at my location, as well as an instructor, and I really enjoy volunteering with them. CSC Corptax has also been very generous and lets us use their training rooms to certify volunteers.

My favorite part of working with Ladder Up is helping people. I enjoy seeing the gratitude on their faces. The average citizen may not know all the complexities of their taxes. Just a few dollars makes a huge difference to some of these clients, so being able to help them prepare a correct return and get them the refund they deserve is very rewarding.

Where can you find more information on Ladder Up or get involved?

Ladder Up helps provide people with important resources to achieve economic success, including the Tax Assistance Program and Life-Improving Financial Tools Program. Ladder Up primarily assists low-income households in filing tax returns and has helped over 168,000 families secure more than $258 million in refunds since their founding in 1994. There is also assistance for financial aid, financial literacy, and more. Training is provided for volunteers, so no tax knowledge is required. There are many opportunities at Ladder Up, including tax preparer, quality reviewer, intake specialist, interpreter, and the “Save Up” money coach.

Contact Ladder Up at 312-409-1555 or visit

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