How did you get into the Human Resources field?

I received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Ohio State in 2018, with a specialization in Human Resources Management. During senior year, I interned in the HR department for The Oneida Group, a company that distributes tabletop products.

After graduation, I took a temporary position at a healthcare company, filling in as an HR coordinator. I worked primarily with new employees, ensuring all their onboarding paperwork was in order for their first day.

What drew you to Corptax?

I knew I wanted a full-time HR position that didn’t pigeonhole me into one specific area. I didn’t want to be solely a benefits and payroll administrator or a recruiter. I wanted to do a little of everything and continue to learn and grow in the early stages of my career. I saw the Corptax opening on LinkedIn and was immediately interested because the job would allow me to wear lots of different hats.

What is one thing that surprised you about working at Corptax?

I was surprised by how many people worked remotely—between 35% and 40% were fully remote when I started. That put us way ahead of the game when the pandemic hit—we transitioned to a 100% remote workforce fairly easily.

In fact, as we continue to recruit for new roles, we don’t limit ourselves to the Chicagoland area. When we find talented people who will contribute to our organization, we don’t worry about their physical location because our culture and technology support a virtual arrangement.

As our remote workforce grows, we focus on engaging team members in different ways. That’s something I work hard at doing, and it’s a part of my job that I really enjoy.

Can you share a way you keep a remote workforce engaged?

We had several company activities going on in December, like contests for ugliest holiday sweater and best gingerbread house. We also wanted to give employees a space to share their favorite holiday traditions, and we needed an easily accessible platform to publicize upcoming events. So, Hypes & Happenings was born. It’s available on our intranet and has become the perfect vehicle to use for trivia night, family bingo, “Water Cooler Question of the Week,” and other activities. Hypes & Happenings really took off and continues to grow in offerings and popularity.

Why do you think Hypes & Happenings is important?

Employees really want to hear from us, and I’m figuring out the best levels of activity, involvement, and engagement. We don’t want to bombard people with content, but we want to keep them actively participating.

Our goal is to ensure employees feel connected—not just to their teams, but to the larger organization as well. Hypes & Happenings events also help employees get to know new people. For example, employees from Corptax and TCI, a sister company, get the opportunity to interact. We’ve had several people develop new friendships across the two businesses.

One thing I’ve learned about employee engagement is that people are motivated by different things. Some folks like activities and events and others like employee recognition. For many, getting acknowledged publicly for doing a great job might be worth more than a whole year’s worth of bingo prizes.

Can you tell us about the LOV program?

Living Our Values (LOV) is our peer-to-peer recognition program. To nominate a co-worker, you simply click a button on the intranet that says Show Some LOV and choose the CSC Corptax value your co-worker best exemplifies: Service, Teamwork, Tenacity, Agility, Being Genuine, and Customer Promise. The nominations are then shared across managers and teams to acknowledge the recipients for their hard work.

We believe in appreciating employees. Happy, valued people stay with organizations longer, and that drives business success.

What’s something big or small you’re good at?

I like to think I’m good at connecting with and helping people. In college, a big topic we discussed was the negative perception people sometimes have about HR professionals. We talked about what we could do to change those impressions and create positive experiences and relationships with our fellow employees.

That’s always in the back of my mind when I interact with people today. I still have a job to do, but I make sure the human element never gets lost. I strive to make sure my interactions with people are always positive.

What are some challenges or evolving trends that you see developing in the next five years?

When I look at trends across industries and organizations, I see a greater focus on tapping into different markets for potential hires. So, I hope to see virtual workspaces and the level of flexibility we offer employees continue to evolve. I doubt we’ll ever tell people, “There are no offices to come to anymore” because our offices give us a place to connect in person, and many prefer working in an office setting. A hybrid arrangement makes perfect sense: we want to offer people the opportunity to work remotely, but also give them a workplace to hang their hats.

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Geoff Gallert shares a key lesson his work life taught him and what he loves most about working with clients.

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