A boomerang employee who has seen his career grow with the organization.

What is your CSC Corptax career path history?

During my career with CSC Corptax, I’ve held multiple roles, from my start in marketing and lead generation, to sales engineering, to product marketing, and then product management. Most recently, I’ve moved into a new sales enablement role which involves managing new products and overseeing security assessments and requests for proposals.

CSC Corptax has supported me in these major career moves every step of the way and allowed me to build my skills in areas that are of interest to me. It was because of my background in marketing, lead generation, sales, sales demonstrations, and presentations that the sales enablement role was a perfect fit, combining all of my various skill sets and passions.

In our current work culture, it’s unusual for someone to stay at an organization for their full career, and my case is no different. However, I’m also what you’d call a boomerang employee—I’ve left the organization and returned. As a boomerang employee, I understand the company culture and values and am able to bring in thought leadership from outside to complement the organization. What I’ve learned in my time outside of CSC Corptax is that the company culture allows for opportunities that are missing at other organizations. I have now been at CSC Corptax a collective 12 years, and have been able to learn, grow, and pursue my interests throughout those years.

So why did you come back to CSC Corptax?

One of the reasons I returned to work here was the company’s ability to mold their career opportunities around my skill sets. Many other organizations have a lot of bureaucracy, but CSC Corptax excels at recognizing your strengths, allowing you to create your own opportunities, and guiding your career path while providing positive feedback. I’ve been able to take on many varied roles at CSC Corptax which is a testament to its management team and its people.

How has the company supported your career growth?

CSC Corptax lets employees build on their careers by allowing them to apply their skills in different ways. The company supports your growth, invests in you, and is very flexible—from the president all the way down to the management team. This leads to a culture where employees are encouraged to pursue their interests at work as well as outside the company and be able to return when the time and opportunity are right.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy coming up with solutions to challenges, providing excellent customer value, and taking on new opportunities to drive business success. For example, one of the innovations I was very proud to have been a part of was when we introduced an Excel® connection into Corptax. That connection allowed customers that were using Excel sheets to handle large, complex calculations and collect information to easily get that data into Corptax. While the idea of having Microsoft Office® plugin tools has certainly been around for a while, it’s how our customers were able to take that and adopt it, and literally 10+ years later, customers still rave about it at our annual conference. It was very rewarding and exciting to be one of the first to see the solution, play around with it, and support the sales side.

What opportunities do you see developing in the next 5 years? 

We’re always looking at the current version of software, and striving to tailor it to the direction of the industry and our customers. We want to be ahead of the curve in anticipating our clients’ needs, so we may implement updates to a product now, even though we know it’ll take three to five years to really take off. We use this efficient planning ability to our advantage in providing excellent customer service.

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