Access Data on the Double

Does your team experience lost time and errors when attempting to:

  • Retrieve and reconcile data from sources and systems?
  • Collect data for international tax packages?
  • Access data to share, analyze, re-use, and report on?
  • Implement automation?

Corptax can help you connect to sources, systems, and software, stress-free! Hear PayPal’s Michael Hart and  Sealed Air’s Katie Birkett on having data at their fingertips.

Share your thoughts in a short survey and select a $10 gift card from more than 100 options, including donation. Don’t wait—the survey closes December 14, 2018.

Calculations without Limitations

Does your team struggle to:

  • Apply rules and assumptions to calculations?
  • Access calculations for consumption?
  • Analyze the impact of regulatory changes and potential transactions?
  • See every calculation’s complete history, immediately?

Learn how robotic process automation helps tax pros get more done in less time. Listen to short audio clips from Core-Mark’s Glann Eng and ITW’s Brandon April on how calculation technology and time savings go hand-in-hand.

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Need. More. Time.

In a recent survey,* tax professionals called “time back for analytics” an absolute must. Hours lost to digging for data, fixing errors, and struggling to share information meant less time for projecting and planning.

Technology removes those hurdles. Learn how automation increases this tax team’s value in a short audio clip from Westfield Group’s Jason Murdick.

What would you automate to help the team? Answer in a short survey. We’ll thank you with a little tax season surprise. Complete the survey by November 9, 2018.

*2017-2018 Corptax poll of 1,400 corporate tax professionals.

Take the Challenge Out of Change

In a recent survey,* tax professionals told us that getting their arms around tax reform poses a serious challenge. Assessing changes on ETRs, securing data for domestic and international requirements, preparing financial statements and tax returns—it’s daunting!

Is data at your fingertips for TCJA? Listen to this short audio clip from Jason Murdick of Westfield Insurance on how to understand the impact of tax reform. Get a great tip from Nationwide here.

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*2017-2018 Corptax poll of 1,400 corporate tax professionals.

Turn Down the Volume

In a recent poll,* tax professionals called “Volume of Spreadsheets” a serious challenge. Setbacks like manual import and adjustments, broken links, buried formulas, inability to share information, and maintaining version control were stealing time needed for analyzing and understanding data.

Does reliance on spreadsheets raise your risk?

Listen to this short audio clip from H&R Block’s Kati Hook on her team’s results after switching from spreadsheets to dedicated software. Learn more automation advantages in a sound bite from Kemper Corporation.

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*2017-2018  Corptax poll of 1,400 corporate tax professionals.

You’re Already a Tax Transformer, now make it official!

In the hands of Corptax customers, tax transformation happens every day. The 2018 Tax Transformer Awards celebrates your wins with recognition and rewards!

Fast and Easy to Enter
Simply describe a challenge you solved and include statistics to support your story. We’re accepting submissions now, so enter today. Need some inspiration? Read last year’s winning entries here.

Learn about voting, recognition, and rewards
Get all the details—from entering to voting to prizes—here. Then, participate in the program that honors YOU! Enter the 2018 Tax Transformer Awards!

Register today and save $300

Whether you’re a Corptax rookie or long-time user, make CONNECT 2018 a “must-attend” event. Learn from Corptax specialists, expert customers, and industry leaders. Understand the best ways to get, manage, use, and automate tax data, and get on top of industry trends.

Lots of fun comes with all the learning! Take advantage of the Sunday night Welcome Reception, Monday and Tuesday evening cocktail receptions, loads of networking opportunities, a special dinner at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Tax Transformer Awards, and much more. Get all the nitty gritty in the recorded PREVIEW CONNECT 2018 webinar.

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Be in the know about all things corporate tax. Register for the CONNECT 2018 conference.

Arrive a Tax Pro, Leave a Tax Titan!

Get set to CONNECT! Mark your calendar for CONNECT 2018—four fabulous days of learning, networking, and fun. Watch the Preview CONNECT 2018 webinar on demand to learn about:

  • Registration and Welcome Reception
  • Learning sessions of all kinds
  • Tax Transformation Workshop highlights
  • Networking opportunities galore
  • Cocktail receptions and entertainment events
  • Tax Transformer Awards how-tos
  • CPE credits
  • Hotel amenities and Washington D.C. must-sees

Plus more! View last year’s highlights reel to sample the festivities.

Whether you’re new to the conference or attend every year, get the latest on automation, tax reform, and great ways to get, manage, and use data. Attend CONNECT 2018.

Watch New Webinars On-Demand

Client Insights Webinar: Kiewit Presents High Speed Provision and Pain-free RTP
Sharing is caring! That’s what Kiewit discovered when Tax and Accounting moved from disparate systems to a single seamless system—maximizing time and labor savings and ensuring accuracy.

Watch 2017 Tax Transformer winner Natasha Lopez of Kiewit Corporation demonstrate streamlined provision, RTP, and reporting for international, federal, state, and partnership returns using just one system and sharing proven data among all stakeholders.

Learn how the team:

  • Reuses 90% of return data for RTP without manual intervention
  • Completes RTP 75% faster and frees up staff by 50%
  • Runs RTP reports for analysis within seconds versus weeks
  • Minimizes and easily identifies true-up rate reconciliation items on financials
  • Gives external auditors accurate data for 32 financial statement tax balances and footnotes

Corptax Office: How Intelligent Automation Strengthens Analytics
More than simply “getting the right numbers in the right places,” today’s tax work demands understanding the wealth of intelligence your data contains. And that demands time and trusted information.

Watch a demonstration of new time-saving CSC Corptax® Office features that take getting, managing, using, sharing, and automating data to the next level.

  • Get Data. No matter where your source data resides, collect it automatically and push/pull tax-sensitized data in your Excel® workbooks.
  • Manage Data. Use new features to organize, store, control, and instantly access data needed for Finance, Accounting, tax reporting, and internal auditors–in the format desired.
  • Use Data. Leverage information for countless purposes: all reporting, KPI dashboards and visualization, understanding ETR differences, spotting anomalies, modeling regulatory changes—you name it, clean data is a click away.
  • Automate Data. Automating processes yields reliable results ready to slice, dice, and flow to and from your trusted workpapers, automatically.

Plus, see how Corptax Office Point of View (POV) functionality pulls a whole range of data at once and populates tables using your pre-defined attributes to share throughout the enterprise.

Lead a Session at CONNECT 2018 and Take 50% Off Registration

Did you know that sessions led by clients and industry experts are among the most popular at the conference? It’s easy to share your expertise—simply speak about:

  • Federal, state, or international provision and/or compliance
  • Tax reform strategies
  • Automation, including Corptax Office, BOTS, and Data Exchange Manager
  • Data analytics and data management
  • Single Solution successes
  • Thought leadership on timely topics such as tax legislation

You’ll help fellow tax pros improve, boost your professional profile, and best of all—attend CONNECT 2018 for half price.

Submit a topic today!

How Analytics Impact Tax

More than simply “getting the right numbers in the right places,” today’s tax work demands understanding the wealth of intelligence your data contains. And that demands time and trusted information.
Hear CSC Corptax® clients on the benefits of using single-system time gains and new advances such as Corptax BOTS to facilitate analytics, tax planning, and modeling needed for optimal reporting—including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

New webinars!
Join us for a new CSC Corptax Office Webinar: How Intelligent Automation Strengthens Data Analytics, Tuesday, May 15, 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. CT. See a demonstration of new time-saving Corptax Office features that take automating data – getting, managing, using and sharing – to the next level!

Register for Kiewit Corporation presents High Speed Provision and Pain-Free RTP. Lead Tax Accountant and 2017 Tax Transformer winner Natasha Lopez demonstrates how Tax and Accounting leverage Corptax to complete 270 annual provisions/RTPs for corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures with little-to-no manual work. Thursday, May 17, 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. CT

Out Front with Tax Reform

The CSC Corptax® Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) solution is built on the Corptax platform and supported by Corptax—not outside parties. Even better, clients are using it today!

So why make tax reform more complicated by using multiple systems or third-party patchwork? Instead, use the system you use every day—same interface, same security, same login, same award-winning support!

Empower yourself to:

  • Leverage existing data (amounts, calculations, entity setup)—no need to import/export
  • Eliminate reconciliation between disparate systems
    • Leverage work done today for tax compliance and reporting
    • Use TCJA tools for analytics, planning, management reporting, and more
  • Allow multiple users to access and work in the system simultaneously
  • Tap Support specialists who know you, know Corptax—and aren’t learning a third-party system the same time you are!
  • Use Corptax experts to fill gaps, facilitate process improvements, accelerate implementations, and more

Why wait? Corptax clients are making tax reform happen! There’s never been a better time to use a single streamlined system. Isn’t it time to see for yourself? Check out the upcoming webinar: Conquering Change—How Technology Accelerates Tax Reform. Then, call 800.966.1639 or email to learn more.

Explore International Solutions

Called a “top-notch and comprehensive” solution that “handles the most complicated scenarios,” CSC® Corptax International Compliance puts time-saving calculations, automation, and processing power in your hands.

  • Use newly released workpapers for the Section 965 Transition Tax, Global Intangible Low Tax Income (GILTI) and Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) to calculate how tax reform impacts your 2017 extension and interim 2018 planning, provision, and estimated tax payments
  • Leverage provision and compliance data already in the system for global forecasting and reliable, consistent results—no learning curve necessary!
  • Ask about the Corptax International Rapid Deployment Offering designed to get you up and running in just one week!

Responsible for BEPS CbC reporting? Check out Five Considerations to Ensure Compliance and hear a peer discuss his experience with CSC Corptax® BEPS CbC.

Curious what robotic process automation (RPA) looks like? Invest 25-seconds to see how CSC Corptax® BOTS frees you up for essentials like analytics and tax reform.

Accelerate Returns – See Tax Reform Tools

If long days and late nights are back in your life thanks to tax reform, learn how a single system makes 40-hour weeks a reality.

Watch a demonstration of the CSC Corptax® Single Solution and new tax reform tools. View time-saving automation at work, including a special look at robotic process automation in action.

See how to:

  • Import huge volumes of complex data from multiple sources in just one pass and just one time!
  • Maintain pristine data for every process from provision through return.
  • Structure data for all tax reporting needs at any level of granularity—and know entities are 100% current
  • Seamlessly connect to analytics programs, create planning scenarios based on changes like tax reform, compare data-sets, and share data with ease
  • Save weeks of time and manual work by using built-in calculations and robotic processing

Watch Corptax Single Solution—One Platform for the Totality of Tax.

Get more information about Corptax Tax Reform Tools here.

Hear a client’s story about going from several systems to a single system and saving $150,000 every year! Check out the video e-book.

Plan for the Impact of Tax Reform

Know how the latest developments in tax reform will affect your company. Take advantage of up-to-the-minute tools and resources from Corptax.

  • For an overview of Tax Reform Tools, click here.
  • The Tax Planning Template models the effect of new rates and helps determine deemed repatriation and other international and domestic implications of tax reform. Run different scenarios and see outcomes immediately.
  • Corptax Provision helps you measure and schedule the impact of rate changes on deferred balances
  • The Subpart F Qualified Deficit Tracking Report workpaper analyzes the Subpart F and Non Subpart F and impacts to the ETR
  • Product webinars and Knowledge Base articles provide best practices to use with Corptax right now

Count on Corptax to have your back as events unfold. Don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager, Corptax Professional Services, or Corptax Support Services for assistance.

Pull Off a Pain-free Provision

If you’re knee-deep in the financial close and nostalgic for eight-hour days, see how peers use automation, analytics, and new strategies to meet provision demands and manage new tax rates. Did you know that CSC Corptax® Provision automates the scheduling of deferred balances using up-to-the-minute tax rates for all ISO codes?

View a recorded webinar and read a new whitepaper: Embracing Change—The Case for Technology in Today’s Tax Provision—for practical ways to streamline the process and turn in a stronger performance.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Check out the CONNECT 2017 Highlights Reel!

Were you one of the 1000+ tax professionals having a blast in Las Vegas? Check out the CONNECT 2017 highlights video—you could be captured on tape!

A huge thank you to all attendees. We hope you enjoyed four days of training, thought leadership, and Client-Experience sessions; networking, entertainment, and volunteer events; voting for the winning 2017 Tax Transformer—and anything else we’re forgetting (because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!)

Announcing CSC Corptax

Notice our new look?

We’re excited to share our updated Corptax branding with you that unites us with the CSC master brand. Corptax joined CSC in 2011, and right from the start, we fit perfectly together.

The distinctive, new identity reflects the interconnected, evolving relationship we have with our clients. Behind the new look, we remain the same people dedicated to providing you with the best possible tax solutions and support.

Learn more about CSC and their journey as the “business behind business” here.

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