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Corptax® Transfer Pricing Architect provides comprehensive tools for international tax planning, documentation and analysis to help multinational corporations assess and manage their transfer pricing risk and comply with global transfer pricing regulations—preventing costly penalties.

Numerous reports, graphs, checklists and worksheets are provided to support transfer pricing positions. Data can be collected and analyzed for documentation requirements imposed around the world.

Transfer Pricing Architect’s flexible methodologies help determine transfer prices for tax and other purposes, such as global re-engineering strategies. It can even identify discrepancies in comparable financial data and perform variance analyses across databases.

Best-on-the-Market Benefits

  • Prepare comprehensive transfer pricing studies and country-specific documentation with our simple and precise step-by-step process
  • Avoid penalties. Access to U.S. and global comparable databases help build accurate transfer pricing reports with up-to-date documentation.
  • Improve decision-making by analyzing data in different views, identifying trends and issues, and creating multiple planning and testing scenarios
  • Easily plan and evaluate intercompany pricing. Compute hundreds of profitability ranges and analyze the impact for all entities involved in the transaction.
  • Maximize search results by searching multiple comparable databases simultaneously for information on thousands of companies
  • Capture financial data at a summary or detail level and define custom ratios and reports to adjust data for differences in accounting methods, functions and risks

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How We Do It

  • Over 100 system-defined ratios plus unlimited user-defined ratios
  • Customizable data collection templates, ratios and reports
  • Comprehensive third-party database support
  • Link to websites, including SEC
  • Profit-based method support, including CPM, Cost Plus, Resale Price, TNMM and Profit Split
  • Transactions-based method support, including CUP, CUT, Transactional Cost Plus and Transactional Resale Price
  • Independent data collection module
  • 24 final reports covering 16 countries and the OECD
  • Planning and analysis module for computing profitability ranges

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