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The industry’s only ALL-IN-ONE corporate tax solution

Only Corptax gives tax professionals the power to transform tax preparation and reporting with a database-driven system that streamlines and simplifies the complete tax lifecycle. Companies of all sizes and complexity benefit from a single platform to house, process and repurpose data—maximizing accuracy, minimizing risk and dramatically improving management of tax documents, workflows and projects across the enterprise.
Leverage a common database, common administration and common user experience
to calculate, analyze and report on data in less time with greater accuracy for the
tax continuum:

A single architecture for global-to-local tax processing and reporting

Automate high-volume, low-value tasks and leverage data for provision to return, reducing duplicative data entry, errors and uncertainty. Maintain accurate and instantly available entity data in one place. Provide a familiar Microsoft® Office look and feel for users anywhere in the world.

  • Streamline data collection. Easily get data into the system from various sources, reducing repetitive data movement, maintaining accuracy and saving time.
  • Gain transparency. Identify data sources, track entity structures through time, and get complete visibility to how calculations work—eliminating uncertainty.
  • Centralize reporting. Meet or beat deadlines with trusted data and gain time for collaboration, what-if scenarios and informed decision making.
  • Receive award-winning support. Take advantage of Corptax professional services, support tools and training for fast ramp-up through system longevity.

Reduce Risk, Rework and Repetition

The Corptax Single Solution is the only tax system that unifies all tax processes with a common multi-period database, user experience, and administration.

  • Enter data once, leverage for provision, compliance and planning from one database
  • Automate data import from multiple source systems in real-time without human intervention
  • Automate notifications to trigger critical processes
  • Streamline collaboration and management of processes, projects, and documents
  • Manage large amounts of data with ease
  • Access real-time information and results anytime from anywhere
  • See comprehensive audit trails on every entry
  • Extract reports and spot trends quickly
  • Improve planning, forecasting, analysis and reporting with advanced tools
  • Lower internal IT costs
  • Adjust security and rights management as needed

Tax Solution Features

Step Up to a Single Solution

Take a closer look at the benefits of the leading corporate tax solution.

White Paper: Why Good Tax Strategies Begin with Smart Technology Strategies
See how advanced technology helps achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and time-savings when completing complex tax processes.

Webinar: Single Solution: Return to Provision
Learn how a single database reduces risk and improves accuracy, transparency and reporting for the complete tax lifecycle.

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At Work for Clients

“With Corptax, we automated processes for improved accuracy, timeliness, audit trails and responsiveness. Better documentation helps easily satisfy internal and external audits.”
Heidi Braswell, EnPro Industries, Inc.

“Corptax cut weeks from end-to-end processes, giving us time for review and analysis. Work that took 6 people plus consultants to complete now takes 4 people and no consultants. We more quickly respond to business changes, and less cost and risk helps everyone sleep easier.”
 — James Dippolito, DP DHL

“Corptax takes a full tax-continuum and data-management approach to product development. Their entity-centric approach allows users to track legal and other systems’ data with ease. The time savings is tremendous.”
Craig Stier, Kimberly-Clark