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An excellent add-on to Corptax® Compliance and Provision, Corptax® Entity Management puts you in control. An automated, centralized database of up-to-the-minute entity structural information reduces reconciliations and makes fast work of provision calculations, tax returns, annual reports, consolidations, and filings for all company entities— that’s the power of a single solution.

Corporate tax professionals as well as legal and finance teams trust Corptax Entity Management to manage and maintain entity information from multiple systems and sources. Repurposing data reduces manual entry and associated errors and risk, and eliminates time spent searching spreadsheets for answers. The right information always stays with the right entity, and changes are tracked.

  • Maintain legal entities in a centralized system for fast, easy company roll-ups
  • Call up macro-to-micro views of infinitely-sortable entity data for powerful planning scenarios
  • Organizational charts—no matter size or scope—are dynamically created and easy to see
  • Activities such as M&As proceed smoothly
  • Internal stakeholders can easily find and verify source information

Use with Corptax Solutions to Store, Sort, Share & Consume Entity Data

  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements with current ownership information
  • Add entities, constituents and data as needed
  • Manage multiple reporting structures based on conventional attributes (legal, reporting, jurisdiction) and custom attributes (business units, segments, lines)
  • Manage entity metadata to classify and recall data at any given moment
  • Easily track through time:
    • Entity/ownership revisions
    • Adjustments to property values
    • History of all record changes
  • Display organizational charts graphically
  • Grant web-based access to groups that provide/consume entity information
  • Control security with user-based clearances
  • Share standardized info with internal teams (finance, legal, corporate secretary, etc.)

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How We Do It

  • Out-of-the box standard attributes, views and properties
  • User-defined attributes, views and properties
  • Automated consolidations with user-defined business rules
  • Entity document attachments to entity records
  • Visual organizational charts
  • Entity attribute audit trail
  • Ownership and entity groups

Multiple entities? Add Entity Management to track them accurately.

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Learn how Corptax® Entity Management helps companies collect, store, sort, analyze and report on data using a centralized system.

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Case Study: Agilent Client Success Story
Discover how Agilent gained control of over 100 entities with a single system that reduces manual data entry and provides quick access to summary and detailed documentation. Streamlining entity tracking and documentation also helped them consolidate information, improve accuracy and dramatically reduce reporting time.

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