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With today’s regulations and demands for transparency, reliable data is a business-imperative. But disparate data sources and accounting systems can make collecting, consolidating and reviewing data challenging—adding time and risk to every process.

No matter where your data originates, Corptax offers user-friendly solutions to let you easily import, export and manage it—cutting time and risk.

  • Corptax Office connects Corptax and Excel spreadsheets with bi-directional data-flow—no need to create import/export files.
  • Corptax Data Exchange automates dataflow from source systems into Corptax. Real-time data streams in without delays and bottlenecks.
  • Corptax Data Collect provides a browser-based tool to gather and review information using standard workpapers. Data from the field is incorporated in real-time, providing visibility and eliminating the need for consolidating spreadsheets.

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Data Collection and Reporting with Two-Way Dataflow between Excel and Corptax

Corptax® Office is ideal for companies using trusted Excel workbooks for complex calculations and adjustments, and tasks such as managing state apportionment. Bi-directional dataflow between Corptax and Excel eliminates the need to create import and export files—saving substantial time and the risk for errors.

Built-in diagnostics verify Excel data is accurately brought into Corptax. Plus, there’s no learning curve and existing Corptax security rights and administration are used.

  • Adapt immediately with Excel look and feel
  • Incorporate existing workpapers
  • Leverage tax data for reporting, planning and analytics in Excel

Automate the Exchange of Data between Source Systems

Corptax® Data Exchange automates the import and export of data between Corptax and source systems—making data available for compliance, provision and planning.

  • Manage a broad range of data types—entity information, tax rates, exchange rates, calendar deliverables and more
  • Process large amounts of data from one or more source systems
  • Publish status and email notifications upon completion of each process
  • Know you’re working with latest data
  • Identify files to be processed with event-driven processing
  • Get summary and detailed record reports for imported data and reject reports
  • Use familiar accounts, entity codes and jurisdiction codes for easier import and review

Streamline Data Collection Workpapers with Built-In Process Workflow

A secure web-based tool, Corptax® Data Collect Workpapers improves data security, accessibility and accuracy with a universal set of workpapers to review and analyze data as it comes in. Staff, clients and even third-party resources can simultaneously collect, analyze and review data from disparate sources in real-time, without importing or exporting.

  • Add efficiency with standardized workpapers in consistent formats
  • Access and collect web-based data from anywhere in real-time
  • Assign and track processes with automated workflow management
  • Track and report status of packages and schedules, including validation against benchmarks
  • Tailor to specific needs with user-configured access, including pre-return collected data review and approval/audit trails

Experience the Efficiency of Corptax Data Management Solutions

Control the flow of data from multiple sources.

Webinar: Corptax Data Management Solutions
Learn how Corptax connects to spreadsheets, automates source data feeds with import functionality and collects data over the web.

Client Insights Webinar: SSAB—Cost-effective Solutions Solve Ongoing Challenges
Learn how Corptax Office accelerates state apportionment, captures deductions for states/entities, manages fixed asset reconciliations and more.

Client Insights Webinar: Acme Brick—Corptax Office helps auto-populate returns
See how to automate dataflow between Excel and Corptax with a button-touch, leverage existing calculations and workbooks, and push data to populate returns.

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