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Leverage data in your Corptax database with Corptax® Calendar to manage time-sensitive tax obligations.

From 188 countries to local cities and districts, automatically calculate due dates based on thousands of pre-populated payments and filings. One-time entry of information, plus integration with third-party tools, keep you organized and efficient.

Access tasks, due dates, payments, user-defined activities, refunds and more, anytime, anywhere. Receive calendar alerts 24/7, on any device.

Streamline Scheduling—Add Corptax Calendar to Corptax Compliance

Create calendars for all entities using data in Corptax, including:

  • U.S. federal, state, and local income tax and franchise tax, Annual Reports, and insurance and premium tax payments and filings
  • U.S. state and local sales and use tax payments and filings
  • Corporate income tax and value-added tax payments and filings for over 188 countries

Save time with pre-populated dates for fiscal and calendar year filings, or change dates. Even create your own custom deliverables to track key internal activities.

Track obligations and maintain calendars for multiple years. Dates and data roll forward from year to year, and the system automatically adjusts due dates falling on weekends and holidays. Track tasks from preparation through completion and certified mail receipt documentation.

File smarter by setting up separate entity calendars. Corptax Calendar helps determine filing obligations and due dates in each jurisdiction for fiscal and calendar year filings.

Create customizable views or use standard views for every reporting need. Quickly review all due dates for tax returns, estimates and payments, Annual Reports and other key deliverables. Sort by due date, preparer, reviewer, state, tax type and more.

Increase automation with included calculations, methodologies and processes to automate manual, redundant tasks.

Integrate with third-party tools for easy access to data by exporting to Microsoft® Excel, Access and other applications.

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Create Calendars for All Global Entities

  • Cover 188 countries plus U.S. federal, state & local tax obligations
  • Create & maintain separate entity calendars
  • Automatically create obligations & due dates
  • Track deliverable dates, payments, responsibilities & addresses
  • Let the system modify due dates falling on weekends & holidays
  • Create user-defined fields & personalized data views
  • View multiple tabbed/tiled windows & side-by-side reports, forms & workpapers
  • Print data views & reports to PDF; email reports
  • Print mailing labels; export mailing addresses for certified mailing labels
  • Use data in Corptax or import from other databases or spreadsheet software
  • Send e-mail notifications & reports with key deliverable information, including payment records
  • Control access & manage events with role-based security setup

Combine Calendar with Corptax solutions and never miss a deadline.

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Tax Solution Features

Stay Organized and Efficient

Enter data once and track all deliverables with ease.

Webinar: Corptax Calendar—Track Deadlines for All Global Entities
Learn how to schedule, track and manage time-sensitive obligations for all company entities, including due dates, tasks, payments, refunds and more.

Webinar: Corptax Calendar—Set it and Forget It!
Schedule and track obligations for all entities with one-time data entry. Automatically calculate due dates and save time with pre-populated dates for filings.

Case Study: SSAB Implements Corptax Calendar as Part of Their Single Solution
SSAB leverages a centralized database to schedule, track and manage time-sensitive obligations for all company entities.

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