New Offerings from Corptax Professional Services

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Explore our new services:

  • BEPS/Country-by-Country: Readiness Planning – Define and build a sustainable global compliance process that delivers expected requirements for BEPS reporting.
  • APB23 Automation – Leverage existing technology to access, analyze and report on disparate data to automate the APB 23 process and the impact of foreign operations on the U.S. provision.
  • Corptax System Review & Evaluation – Receive an onsite analysis of current tax processes, workflows and technology, plus a review of goals and anticipated changes. Deliverables include recommendations for improved utilization, training and enhancements.
  • Data Exchange: Take Automation to the Next Level – See how this exciting new technology automates data flow into/out of source systems—triggered by events or real-time.
  • Next Generation Provision: Three Steps to Success – Engage the experts to help you plan, migrate data and take advantage of our next-generation provision offering.

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