Working closely with leading corporations gives Corptax a unique opportunity to analyze trends, track results and uncover new ways to drive productivity in corporate tax.

Best Practices for Better Tax Data Management
Learn how the right tax system, combined with specific actionable steps, can help tax departments extract maximum value from their data for many scenarios.

Provision Strategies from World-Class Tax Departments
Corptax shares how world-class provision and tax leaders transitioned from just-in-time execution to strategic execution of the provision process, adding value to the organization and elevating the tax department’s profile.

Why Good Tax Practices Begin with Smart Technology Strategies
Corptax explores how a tax strategy that combines advanced technology, people and best practices creates a proven roadmap for improving and accelerating the entire tax lifecycle.

10 Minutes on Transforming the Tax Function
PWC examines how shining a light on the tax group can reveal untapped opportunities where changes in technology, process, people, and data can lead to benefits for the broader business.

The Transformation of Tax: Something Big is Happening Here
Deloitte studies what transformation means to today’s tax departments and what steps tax executives can take to effectively prepare for and lead tax transformation within their businesses.